What’s New: What we launched so far in 2023

What’s New: What we launched so far in 2023

2023 continues to be a big year for Debricked, with much more on the way!

It’s been a busy quarter (or a bit more?) here at Debricked. Some of the highlights include joining Opentext in their journey of innovation, and launching our self-serve Portal (including the Community and Knowledge Base).

Over the last couple of months, we continued to make progress in our mission to simplify open source security and streamline your experience in the Debricked universe. From automation engine customization to single sign on integration, we've been hard at work adding new features and improving existing ones to make your life easier.

Read on to learn more about all the newest features that will help make your day a little better with Debricked ✨


What have we released in Q1?


Default automation rules

Automation engine customization

We’ve made improvements to our very core: the automation engine. Building automations is what really makes Debricked powerful, as it helps you scale your rules and policies across the organization. With this update, we give you the power to configure which rules are added to newly created repositories by default. This can either be done while creating a new rule, or editing an existing one. See here for more information.


Performance and reliability development

Faster and more reliable scanning

Over the past few months, we’ve worked hard to make our scanning and matching of new vulnerabilities even faster than before. The latest updates make your job easier and make sure your results are not only fast and accurate, but also reliable. We’ve improved the stability of vulnerability algorithms and matching of vulnerable version ranges. These updates will also ensure lower response times in resolving potential future false positive reports.


What have we already deployed in Q2?


Q2 has just started, but we are already progressing! We've been working extra hard and already managed to release a few updates optimizing your Debricked experience.


Enterprise Single Sign On (SSO)

Centralized user and access management

In order to simplify user management and enhance security, we’ve made our onboarding process smoother by enabling SSO integrations.

Integrating your SSO provider with Debricked allows for a more streamlined user experience. This feature enables you to authenticate with your own SSO provider to access our tool, eliminating the need to create and remember separate login credentials. This integration also ensures that access to the Debricked tool is granted only to your authorized users, as authentication is handled by the SSO provider. See here for more information.


License Risk widget

Addition to the Overview

As part of bringing the Overview out of the Beta stage, we are releasing more widgets available for you to use. First up: the License Risk widget! It presents your current licence compliance risks, grouped by risk levels: critical, high, medium, low, and unknown. Similarly to the other widgets, you are able to customize the data by changing the selected repository/branch. See here for more information.


What’s next?

Don’t worry, we are not done yet! We are cooking up more major features and improvements coming in Q2 and later this year, including a new and improved Debricked CLI, high performance scanning, role-based access control, Root Fixes for C#, License review, and further improvements to the automations engine.



Curious to learn more?

These are just some of the things we’re working on here at Debricked. Join our community to stay up-to-date with everything related to Debricked and the open source universe 🪐 
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