How to post an idea (registered users)

  • 6 January 2023
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How to post an idea (registered users)
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We are happy and thankful to hear your ideas! Suggest a new feature or improvement and vote on your favourite ideas.

You can add an idea from the Homepage navigation bar or directly from the Ideas planet. On the top right corner, click New Post.

❗As a reminder, you need to create a portal account to add and see others’ ideas. Don’t worry, you can just login in/sign in with one click with your Debricked account.


Steps to post an idea:


  1. Choose the type of topic: if you have a product idea/suggestion, choose Idea
  2. Enter a title: make sure people understand what the idea is about from the title
  3. Write your idea: make sure you give context. What you are trying to achieve and why. Feel free to add screenshots if you have examples. The portal does not render markdown, if you wish to add code please click on “...”
  4. Choose among the different product areas*: it is fine if you don’t, we can sort it out 😉
  5. You can add tags related to your idea to make it easier for others to find your idea and vote on it


Why Am I not seeing this option?

To see and/or add ideas in the Portal, you will have to be logged in. Please sign in or create your portal account to access this area.

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