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  • 6 April 2023
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Ahoy ship members,

It’s time for another cache up of recent news on Open Source Security/Cybersecurity or general Open Source that you found insightful or interesting recently.

I will start: this week I read how some hackers could mess up with Tesla’s infotainment system by exploiting three vulnerabilities. Thankfully those vulnerabilities did not enable, at least that is known of, the car navigating control. Wild, huh?

What has recently inspired or surprised you? Share with u below 👇

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Twitter open sourcing their feed algorithm has been a pretty big deal! It could give some insight into how other social networks handle their algorithms that supplies their users with content.


Link to the public repo: https://github.com/twitter/the-algorithm


PS. Even if you are not interested in the algorithm, I can recommend reading through the issues and  pull requests. Some of them can be pretty funny!