Storytime 📢 Tell us how are you using Debricked's API?

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Greetings, portal ship members 🚀 It’s story time!

How are you harnessing the power of Debricked’s API to explore the vastness of the open source universe in your workflows?

We would love to hear your tales of triumph and feature you on our Community homepage! 

Share your knowledge in the comments below.

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I use selects api every time I check a github-site / package-manager site by using a small extension I wrote for my browser.
It checks the webpage you're currently visiting. If it's Github or a known package-manager site, then it tries to parse what repo / package it is. Then I send it to a select search endpoint and choose the best result, and show it in my extension.

1. Check url of current tab
2. Extract package / repository name, if it's a known pm / repo (e.g. "github/owner/name" or "npm/name")
3. Then I send my findings to the following endpoint, with {extractedName} being the result from step 2.

(for example, pypi/numpy - )
4. I extract relevant info such as each score and then show them in my extension.

Thus, it becomes very natural for me to just check every repository I visit and use that as extra information when picking/investigating open source, since it's available without extra hassle through my plugin.


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Great tip @ProgHaj ! Thanks for sharing ✨