Debricked CLI not Recognizing .Net in my Path

  • 5 March 2024
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I’m trying to preform a resolve scan on a .Net project on my local machine. I’ve edited my environment variable to try and get .Net into my %PATH% so debricked CLI will recognize it but the results still say it cannot find the dotnet exe. How do I properly create the correct %PATH% for .Net?


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I just verified that our CLI works on a fresh windows machine for resolution on windows of .csproj manifest files. To perform our scan we resolve the manifest-files to lock-files, for nuget this means .csproj files are resolved to packages.lock.json. 


If you start a fresh terminal and run dotnet restore PATH/TO/.csproj --use-lock-file , does that work? This is the command that is failing in the CLI. 

There are some tips on how to get dotnet to your path in the official documentaiton (a bit further down):

Should it look like this: debricked resolve dotnet restore PATH/TO/.csproj --use-lock-file    ?

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Using debricked scan should be enough if dotnet is on your path. The link to Microsoft should help you to get dotnet to onto your path properly.

I’m happy to jump on a call and help. I’ll DM.