3 things we are working on in Q1

3 things we are working on in Q1
  • More SSO integrations

  • Being able to configure which rules are added to new repos by default

  • Root fixes for C#, PHP and Python

The past few years we’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what an SCA tool should be, what it typically is today and what it should not be. What is the future of managing open source risk? What is the next generation of SCA tools? 

We believe that there are a few key attributes that puts Debricked into the new generation bucket, some of them are actionability, excellent UX, dev-first approach and having a holistic view of open source risk. The coming year, we’re focusing on two main things: moving even further into the next generation and solidifying our position as front runners, and improving both usability and user experience. 

So, what does this mean in terms of product features and improvements?

Firstly, making our onboarding process smoother by enabling SSO integrations. It’s important to us that our tool is easily accessible and simple to set up, and for larger teams it’s simply a must have. 

Next is expanding our abilities to help you fix vulnerabilities easily. During late 2022 we released the Root Fix, if you haven’t heard about it you can read more here. Basically, it helps you get a clear overview of your dependencies, trees and relations, direct and indirect and all associated vulnerabilities. It also, most importantly, gives you clear direction on how to fix all vulnerabilities, direct and indirect, easily. 

Today we offer support for a select few languages. By the end of Q1, we will proudly be adding C#, PHP and Python to that list!

Aside from this, we’ll be focusing on improving our very core: the automation engine. Building automations is what makes Debricked really powerful, as it helps you scale your rules and policies across your organization. The main thing will be giving users power to configure which rules are added to newly added repositories by default. 

That’s all for now, see you again in Q2!

Exciting stuff, thanks for sharing! We’ve been eagerly awaiting for more SSO integration support.

“Root fixes for C#, PHP and Python” - really looking forward to that!