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  • 6 January 2023
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Debricked currently supports a wide range of programming languages and package managers, allowing you to scan your code in the language you natively use. Here you can find the full list of languages and their level of support. Note that some of these features may not be available for your subscription plan.


Language Package Manager Supported File Formats Root dependencies  Indirect dependencies Dependency trees Security Scanning License Scanning Root Fix Pull Request Vulnerable Functionality High Performance Scan
C# NuGet .csproj    
packages.lock.json     ✓*
Paket paket.lock         ✓*
- dll, nupkg, and more**          
CycloneDX SBOM - bom.json       ✓*
- bom.xml       ✓*
Go Bazel WORKSPACE      
install.json     ✓*
Go Modules go.mod    
Go Dep gopkg.lock         ✓*
Java Bazel WORKSPACE      
Gradle build.gradle  
Maven pom.xml  
- jar, war, pom.xml, and more**          



Bower bower.json      
npm package.json  
package-lock.json   ✓*
yarn package.json  
yarn.lock   ✓*
Objective-C Cocoapods podfile.lock         ✓*
PHP Composer composer.json      
composer.lock       ✓*
Python pip requirements.txt      
Pipenv Pipfile          
Pipfile.lock         ✓*
Ruby RubyGems Gemfile.lock         ✓*
Rust Cargo Cargo.lock         ✓*
Swift Cocoapods podfile.lock         ✓*


*This is a native lock file format. Native lock file formats are the fastest formats to scan.

**When building our knowledge base, we download files, unpack them, and fingerprint all file contents besides a few excluded patterns. This is a list of the files we download from each source, we fingerprint all contents of each file. Some examples are matching on .dll files for C# and .class files contained in a .jar file when we release java support. For more information on what files we match on, see file fingerprinting.

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