Set up Single Sign-On (SSO) to Debricked through Azure AD

This article details how to configure Azure AD as the primary Identity Provider to facilitate SSO with Debricked. For details regarding integration with other Identity Providers, see Set up Single Sign On (SSO) for Debricked.



Registering a new Azure AD Application

  1. Search for App registrations


  2. Click on New registration. We suggest you name your application “Debricked”, but it is not mandatory. 


  3. In the Redirect URI section select Web as type of application and enter:

  1. Confirm the details and proceed to the next step.


Getting the ClientID

You can find the Client ID from the Overview section, the first page you will see after creating the application.


Creating the Client Secret

  1. On the sidebar, click on Certificates & secrets.


  2. Click New client secret and choose a name and expiration date. When it’s created make sure to copy and store somewhere, as it will only be visible once.



Getting the OIDC metadata endpoint (Issuer URL)

This is needed for Debricked to know where to redirect the user, fetching credentials tokens and fetching user information.

  1. Go back to the Overview from the sidebar and click on the Endpoints tab.


  2. The one needed is called the OpenID Connect metadata document.



Communicating the data with Debricked

  1. To complete the integration get in touch with our support team at and provide the following information:
  • Client ID - identifier of the Debricked integration, copied in the previous step
  • Client secret - secret to authorize the integration, also provided when installing the integration in your IdP, copied in the previous step
  • Issuer URL - the URL used to fetch OIDC information, copied in the previous step
  • Email Domain(s) - the email domain(s) which will be designated to your organization

Adding users

Note that in order for your users to be able to use this application you will need to assign them to the new application you have added.

  1. Go to Enterprise applications
  2. Click on your Debricked application and then go to Users and groups. Here you will be able to assign users and user groups.


  3. Once your users are added they can direct log in from
    You can also invite them from Debricked (note that they must be assigned to the application on your vendor side) from your Admin Tools. This invite will be a special “SSO invite” which will redirect them to your Identity Provider and let them log in to Debricked.

Testing the set up

Once your integration has been added to your enterprise account, you can confirm it on the Debricked service by visiting the User Permissions tab in Admin Tools.

You can head over to, input the enterprise email (with the same email domain which you submitted), and you will be redirected to your Identity Provider to authenticate. After logging in you will be redirected and logged into Debricked.

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