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Hello Portal crew, 

We are working on some changes to the current Overview page. Besides seeing your vulnerabilities overtime, you’ll also be able to check your fixed vulnerabilities and the combined license risks of all your repositories in one centralized place, cool huh?


But the future of this page is not yet decided and we would love to hear from you what could make this page more useful. 


It could be anything from all time history data, recent comments, review statuses, action points, or something else entirely! You name it


We’d love your input, please share it below.


Thank you ✨

Ida - Product designer

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This looks great, it’s a good visual overview. I wonder if in the filters you are considering that we will be able to sort it by repository groups? We use this heavily and helps us to break repos down by teams and could be useful to have that broken down view here too :) 

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Hi @joao998 ! Glad that you like it. Great question, I see how this could be really useful. It is not planned for the first iteration but we will definitely pass along this feedback for our product team to consider. If you have any more thoughts we are happy to hear them! Thanks 😊