"Hello, Community!" - Introduce yourself

  • 11 January 2023
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“Hello, Community!”

It is great to have you with us in our new Community! We are striving to build a platform that will be your go-to place to learn about Debricked or topics orbiting Open Source Security 🪐.

We know we are in good company but we would like to know who is behind the keyboard. You do not need to write a dissertation, and this is completely optional. Some things you can mention: 1. your name; 2. where you are joining us from (maybe you will bump into neighbours here. Who knows?). 3. Where does your interest in Open Source Security stems from and what would you like to share and learn here? I will get started…


👋I’m Benedita and I’m part of the Debricked team. I am from Portugal but I am currently based in colder Denmark, Copenhagen to be exact. I am fascinated by the Open Source philosophy and its rippling effects in this Universe. That exact open collaboration is what we are trying to replicate with this Community. I look forward to learning with all of you and giving back in form of useful content and occasional competitions !😉

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I’m Daniel, Director/GM for Debricked. Joining in from Sweden. I have a natural interest for OSS Security and risk given my role and background at Debricked. I hope to learn more what community members (customers, debricked, fortify, micro focus) struggle with in regards to OSS and Debricked tools and solutions. Hopefully I can share some insights on those topics that can help the members to progress in their work :)