How do I generate an access token?

  • 12 January 2023
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Keep in mind that only users with admin rights can generate access tokens.

Access tokens are a secure way of performing automated integrations with Debricked. They are safer compared to using a username and password, and their typical use cases include GitLab, Bitbucket, and API integrations, which are not tied to a particular user, but rather to a repository or project

To generate a new access token:

  1. Go to Admin tools in the left side menu

  2. Input your password to enter the administrative mode

  3. In the Account settings tab, click on the +Create button

  4. Fill in the description and if needed, enable the API access, which gives access to the most common actions, such as performing scans

  5. Click on Generate

  6. Copy the generated token. You can only view this token once, so make sure to save it before closing the window!


2 replies

Can I use the Access token in a API request? Answer seems to be no since I get “Invalid JWT token”. So, can I use the Access token when calling the API or do I have to get a JWT token? (which work when I try it)



Hi @Jerker,
to use the API, you need to generate a JWT token, but this token can be generated with either username + password or with an Access Token from the UI.